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Koodoo and Resistant AI team up to boost document security

Koodoo, an AI-powered technology provider specialising in financial services, has announced a strategic partnership with Resistant AI, a leader in Document Forensics technology.

How can RegTechs help to combat document fraud?

One of the most pressing issues with the financial industry right now is document fraud. How can RegTech's tackle this challenge and provide more...

Verto partners with Resistant AI for groundbreaking document verification

Verto, the innovative cross-border payment platform catering to emerging economies, has announced a strategic partnership with Resistant AI, specialists in AI- and machine learning-powered financial crime prevention.

Kooperativa partners with Resistant AI to revolutionise fraud detection in insurance...

Kooperativa, a leading insurer part of the Vienna Insurance Group, has embraced Resistant AI's Document Forensics technology to combat fraudulent insurance claims.

Combatting serial fraud in the digital age: A deep dive into...

In a recent whitepaper by Resistant AI, the firm outlined the threat of serial fraud and how to combat financial crime.

How can RegTechs fight back against money muling?

A recent growing challenge that has been identified in the financial sector this year has been money muling.

The rise of money mules in UK fraud: Prevention and detection

Fraud in the UK has become a significant concern, with 40% of crimes being fraudulent. Money muling is at the forefront, where fraudsters utilise synthetic or real mule accounts for financial gain. The UK government, recognizing the seriousness, plans to publish an action plan to combat this issue. 

Resistant AI and Instabase join forces for enhanced fraud detection

Resistant AI and Instabase have unveiled a strategic partnership, offering an amalgamation of expertise in the realms of financial crime prevention and unstructured data automation, respectively.

Silverbird links with Resistant AI for efficient onboarding and fraud detection

Silverbird, a firm that provides borderless, limitless, and economical solutions for international traders, has joined forces with Resistant AI.

The role of AI in reshaping the future of anti-financial crime

AI and AFC: Embracing the new era in financial crime prevention Whether you're just stepping into the world of AI or you're familiar with its intricacies, Resistant AI & Fintrail invite you to dive deep into understanding how AI is poised to redefine the future of financial crime prevention.

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