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Navigating the complex landscape of global sanctions in 2024

Sanctions play a crucial role in international diplomacy and law enforcement, ensuring that countries and entities adhere to international norms and regulations. Keeping up to date with the ever-evolving sanctions regulations, including OFAC's 50% Rule and the EU's new directives, remains a top priority for companies worldwide.

Mandia: China has now replaced Russia as top cybersecurity threat

China has eclipsed Russia as the premier cyber threat, with a notable increase in the sophistication of its cyber operations.

Sigma360 revolutionises adverse media screening with ArticleAI

Leveraging global media for a more proactive stance on risk is the future of financial crime prevention. Traditional methods often involve manual searches across various applications to identify potential threats in customer and counterparty relationships. While this may have been the standard practice in the past, advancements in technology are reshaping the landscape.

The importance of identifying shell companies

Financial institutions play a pivotal role in preventing money laundering. Over the past 18 months, government bodies have frequently highlighted shell companies as significant red flags in anti-money laundering (AML) activities. Consequently, one must ask, is your institution actively identifying shell companies in its transactions? More importantly, can it detect shell companies with tangible sanctions and watchlist links?

Russia launches huge cyberattack against Montenegro

The security agency of Montenegro has said that hackers from Russia have launched a ‘massive, coordinated’ cyberattack against its government and its services.

Russia-linked cyberattack hits Spanish research center

Spain’s leading scientific research center has been targeted by a cyberattack that has origin links to Russia.

How the war in Ukraine has changed the view on sanctions

Since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war, the attention on sanctions – trade sanctions in-particular – has reached fever pitch. With more knowledge and focus on sanctions than ever before, what does this mean for their future?

Russia imposes $358m fine on Google for information restriction failures

A Moscow court has slapped a $358m fine on Google for a failure to restrict access to information prohibited in the country.

Russia escalates military threat in light of mounting cyberattacks

A Russian official has stated a ‘direct military clash’ could occur if Western governments continue to mount cyberattacks against its infrastructure.

Russia bill could see crypto become legal tender

The Russian Ministry of Finance has finalised a crypto bill which has recommended using cryptocurrencies as legal tender.

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