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The role of AI and machine learning in the customer experience

The insurance industry has paid lip service to AI and machine learning for some time. However, adoption has been underwhelming. As firms come under intense pressure to meet changing customer demands, could this instigate more rapid AI adoption?

How can insurers and InsurTechs deliver better customer experiences?

Customers have raised the bar on the level of service they expect from their insurance provider. Faced with the industry’s historic reputation of working against the customer, insurers and InsurTechs must raise their customer experience game if they are to come out on top.

An era of Latin American InsurTech growth

The Latin American InsurTech ecosystem is in its early stages compared to other regions, which means the market opportunities for insurers and InsurTechs are vast. A middle-class population that is demanding more digital services, coupled with global advances in technology, is creating a perfect storm in enabling growth in the region.

Sentiance and RAC helped reduce distracted drivers by 60%

Sentiance, which co-developed the Safer Driver app with the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC), has helped reduce distracted driving by nearly 60%.

2021 in retrospect: how has the InsurTech industry fared?

The InsurTech industry thrived during what was still a very difficult year for many. However, companies have had to adapt to changing market conditions....

Why behavioural analytics should be a top priority for insurers

With customer demands changing to become more focused on flexibility and personalisation, behavioural analytics is the key to help insurers meet this need.

How can retail banks win in the battleground with BigTech companies?

BigTech companies have changed customer expectations forever. With customer experiences at the forefront of their operations, consumers now seek the same level of simplicity and personalisation everywhere. Financial institutions have a tough road ahead to match these services, but they can learn from BigTech companies.

What will the new face of the office be after Covid-19?

When the coronavirus pandemic spread like wildfire in the early months of 2020, many companies and individuals alike had no idea what was to come – and how their work lives would change. With widespread vaccines, many companies are beginning to open up again, but what will be the ‘new normal’ for the financial sector in terms of working arrangements?

Sentiance underlines retail banking innovation importance, key banking trends

A blogpost by data science and behaviour change firm Sentiance has highlighted the growing importance of hyper-personalization in the retail banking sector.

Why it is tough to say if InsurTechs will disrupt insurers...

It is impossible to predict the future and assess where InsurTechs and insurers will be in the coming years. However, insurers will continue to invest in technology as they try to adapt to the new focus on customer experience, according to Sentiance’s Ali Nawab in a new podcast.

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