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How can AI help natural disaster responses?

Experts from InsurTech Tractable explore the role of AI in responding to and preventing natural disasters, as well as the importance of empathy in customer communication.

InsurTech Tractable to speed up disaster recovery in Fiji using AI

InsurTech Tractable, has partnered with The UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), to bring the speed and accuracy of artificial intelligence (AI) to disaster recovery in Fiji.

Entegral teams up with Tractable for smart claims

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Entegral, in partnership with InsurTech Tractable, has launched Smart Assist, a vehicle claim assistance product designed for use with mobile devices, in North America.

Root Insurance partners with Tractable to boost claims operations

Root Insurance, a public US-based InsurTech company, has teamed up with InsurTech100 company Tractable to bolster its claims operations.

How Tractable is training AI to assess property damage

InsurTech Tractable’s AI technology has expanded from assessing auto damage, to property. For the technology, this is a big step, but one in which the InsurTech is tackling.

New and emerging risks: a bumpy road ahead for insurance

Innovation in the insurance industry is not just important, it is essential. A more dynamic market has meant insurers are venturing into non-traditional sectors as well as looking for more advanced ways of serving existing markets. The industry must ramp up its innovation efforts if it is to tackle increasingly threatening risks, such as climate events and cyber-attacks.

American Family Insurance level-up claims with Tractable’s AI

American Family Insurance, one of the largest players in US property and casualty insurance, is partnering with Tractable to apply its artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

How applied AI is transforming auto insurance

There were 12 million car accidents in the US in 2019, according to data from Statista. Each of these comes with an insurance claim, but these processes are too long and inefficient.

How applied AI benefits people, the planet, and profits

Businesses must act now to adapt to the challenges of today and unlock greater growth potential, without sacrificing the health of the planet. Applied AI technologies could be paramount in achieving this.

What does the insurance industry really think of AI?

It has been said AI is not a silver bullet to all the insurance industry’s shortcomings. So, what’s all the chatter about? Where is it best suited, and what (if any) are its limits?

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