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Deutsche Bank sets new sustainability benchmark with updated finance framework

Deutsche Bank has unveiled its latest initiative in the realm of sustainable finance with the introduction of an updated Sustainable Finance Framework.

Unlocking business value through sustainability management software

In today's environmentally conscious market, reliable and traceable sustainability data has become a cornerstone for companies aiming to navigate the complex terrain of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) regulations. Moreover, it offers a golden opportunity to distinguish themselves as leaders in sustainability.

InsurTech Coalition launched by key industry players to transform industry

A group of leading companies in the InsurTech landscape, have published an open letter to the insurance industry announcing the launch of the InsurTech Coalition.

Enhancing wealth management: The critical role of data purity in portfolio...

In today's financial world, wealth management requires a strategic, technology-driven approach. A Portfolio Management System is essential, according to WealthArc, an asset management software developer. 

The regulatory evolution: GIPS Standards gain prominence in private markets

The private markets have witnessed a substantial increase in managed assets over the last decade, attracting the attention of U.S. regulators aiming to enhance transparency through expanded regulation. With these regulatory developments, it's time to re-evaluate the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), which have evolved from being the gold standard for investment performance presentation to a tool that assists advisers in meeting new regulations.

Forta Solutions launches groundbreaking warehouse lending platform Agility

Forta Solutions has introduced Agility, an innovative warehouse lending platform that promises unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and a quicker, more secure route to liquidity for warehouse lenders.

Qatar Central Bank paves the way for Loan-Based Crowdfunding Regulation

The Qatar Central Bank has issued instructions for the Loan-Based Crowdfunding Regulation, underscoring its commitment to regulating and advancing the financial sector within the country.

Vyzer nabs $6.3m seed funding to supercharge WealthTech with AI

Vyzer, the trailblazing digital wealth management platform, has successfully wrapped up its seed funding round.

Navigating the new norms: Understanding SFDR, CSRD, and EU Taxonomy

Sustainable finance is becoming the linchpin for the EU in achieving its environmental and climate objectives. It achieves this by channeling funds into environmentally-conscious...

Public sector cyber threats: How audit teams combat rising risks

The mounting cybersecurity threats within the public sector have prompted a parallel rise in the role of audits to counteract these risks. Given the dynamic range of attacks and the consequent evolution of threat actors, the strategies to counter them must also adapt. In this scenario, your public sector audit team emerges as an indispensable shield against cyber crimes.

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