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How wealth management firms can get ready for generative AI

Earlier this month, OpenAI unveiled its latest advancement in the world of generative AI, Sora. Unlike ChatGPT, its previous revolution in the world of generative AI, Sora allows users to build realistic videos from simple text instructions, potentially providing businesses with another tool to transform operations, such as marketing.

Breaking Barriers: How fractional bonds open the market to all

The rise of the mass retail investor has significantly shaped the financial landscape over the past decade. Velexa, a fully customisable API-based investing platform, has delved into how fractional bonds are a tool for financial inclusion. 

Embracing personalisation: How WealthTech is redefining investment strategies

The landscape of investing is undergoing a seismic shift, transitioning from the traditional broad-stroke approaches to a new era where personalised investing takes centre stage.

International Women’s Day: 7 FinTech companies with women founders

In celebration of International Women’s Day, FinTech Global is shining a spotlight on seven FinTech companies with woman founders.

Empowering Swiss investors: The rise of client-centric WealthTech solutions

In the dynamic world of wealth management, the confluence of impeccable client service and innovative technology is reshaping the industry's landscape, particularly in Switzerland and beyond.

Could 2024 be a big year for tokenisation within wealth management?

It has been a few years since the digital asset hype took the world by storm and has since fallen to the background. Despite this, the asset type is still popular, and could see more market adoption in 2024.

Velexa launches new Fractional Bonds feature: Making elite investments accessible to...

Velexa, recognised as a top WealthTech 100 company, has recently unveiled its latest innovation: fractional bonds. This new feature is a significant addition to their comprehensive suite of investment tools, designed for both embedded and standalone applications.

Mirae Asset and Velexa unite to transform Brazil’s investment scene

Mirae Asset Wealth Management, a financial services group operating in 15 countries, has announced a strategic partnership with Velexa.

Bridging the wealth gap: A new era of financial equality

The gender pay gap attracts a lot of attention and people around the world are fighting to fix the issue and ensure equality. However, the gender wealth gap is just as important but does not get the same level of publicity.

What will the rise of super apps mean for wealth management?

The global super app market was valued at $58.6bn in 2022 and is projected to grow at a 28.9% CAGR to reach a $722.4bn valuation by 2030. Having originated in Asia, super apps are now becoming popular around the world. A report from PYMNTS and PayPal surveyed consumers in the US, UK, Germany and Australia, found that 72% of consumers expressed interest in super apps – UK consumers were the most interested with 74% indicating interest.

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