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The evolution of financial analytics: Insights from Kidbrooke’s latest webinar

Financial institutions have often relied on excel spreadsheets for their data analytics. This is leaving many firms with a legacy system that is not effective in the increasingly complex financial market.

How has Consumer Duty impacted wealth management so far?

Consumer Duty has now been live in the UK for several months. Wealth management firms spent many resources preparing themselves to be ready for...

Paris-based RockFi secures €3m to redefine wealth management

RockFi, a Paris-based FinTech company, has successfully raised €3m in a fundraising round.

Navigating the new era of compliance: AI innovations in wealth management

In the latest episode of Napier AI's podcast series, the spotlight shines on the transformative power of automation in the compliance processes within the Wealth & Asset Management sector.

AML within wealth and asset management – major questions resolved

Anti-money laundering (AML) strategies in the wealth and asset management (WAM) sector are undergoing significant transformations to combat financial crimes more effectively.

Industrial Thought bolsters WealthTech offerings with Integrum ESG investment

Industrial Thought, a conglomerate known for its investment in taxation, financial data, and consultancy for the financial sector, has recently announced a strategic investment of £100K in Integrum ESG.

Unlocking the future of wealth: Strategies for intergenerational wealth transfer in...

The impending great wealth transfer is poised to redefine the financial landscape of the Middle East. Kidbrooke, which offers outcome-driven analytics and data management...

How wealth management firms can get ready for generative AI

Earlier this month, OpenAI unveiled its latest advancement in the world of generative AI, Sora. Unlike ChatGPT, its previous revolution in the world of generative AI, Sora allows users to build realistic videos from simple text instructions, potentially providing businesses with another tool to transform operations, such as marketing.

Key AML compliance strategies for wealth and asset managers in 2024

In an era where regulatory oversight of the wealth and asset management sector is intensifying globally, the stakes for compliance have never been higher. This sector, pivotal to national economies, plays a crucial role in helping consumers manage their assets and achieve their financial goals. However, its significance also makes it a potential target for misuse by malicious entities aiming to launder money.

Revolutionising finance: The rise of embedded finance in 2024

As we delve deeper into 2024, the embedded finance phenomenon continues to reshape the financial services sector. A Capgemini survey from 2021 revealed that over 70% of banking executives view embedded finance as a catalyst for innovation, customer base expansion, and cost reduction, predicting its market value to soar to $588bn by 2030 from $22bn in 2020. This trend positions embedded finance as a key strategic channel for banks.

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