How AI is bolstering compliance in financial content creation


Compliance with stringent regulations poses a significant challenge in the FinTech landscape. Saifr has rolled out innovative capabilities to aid in the efficient creation of compliant content.

Saifr’s AI models now boast two pioneering features – risk interpretation and suggested language. These unique abilities are geared towards helping businesses generate superior, regulation-compliant content with increased efficiency.

The AI’s risk interpretation feature elaborates on why a certain word or phrase has been flagged by the compliance models. These advanced models possess a deep understanding of language and regulations, which allows them to critically analyse content and pinpoint potential non-compliant phrases or words.

Saifr’s newly introduced risk interpretation model goes a step beyond by offering a reason behind the flagging. This model taps into regulatory policies to illustrate how the content may breach compliance, facilitating users to promptly grasp the compliance risk. This newfound understanding can aid new marketing and compliance associates in learning to predict and dodge compliance risks.

As the moniker suggests, Saifr’s suggested language model proposes alternative, potentially less risky language for flagged content. Users are given the flexibility to either accept, reject or modify the suggestions provided by Saifr. This feature presents distinct advantages to marketing and compliance teams.

Marketers can now craft more compliant materials from the outset, facilitating a smoother first round of review. The suggested language model is also a handy tool for compliance during review to efficiently recommend alternatives for non-compliant language.

To understand how risk interpretation and suggested language work in tandem to aid users in generating compliant content, consider this example. A sentence such as “Investing in XYZ fund provides consistent returns through market ups and downs” would be flagged.

The risk interpretation model would then elucidate the reason behind the flagging, explaining that the sentence poses a potential risk as it is promissory and could mislead by implying that the XYZ fund will yield consistent returns irrespective of market conditions. Finally, the model proposes more compliant sentences, facilitating easy in-line edits such as “Investing in XYZ fund seeks to provide consistent returns through market cycles.”

Saifr’s risk interpretation and suggested language models are designed to assist content creators in identifying potential issues and rectifying them in real-time. It’s akin to having a trusty compliance officer by your side, ready to highlight potential pitfalls and offer suggestions!

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