Position Green and Circura: Pioneering sustainable construction practices

Position Green and Circura: Pioneering sustainable construction practices

Circura, a Nordic conglomerate known for its robust commitment to sustainability, is making significant strides in the construction industry. With a core mission of extending the lifespan of existing buildings, the company integrates Position Green’s software to bolster its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials.

Fredrik Blomqvist, Head of Accounting, and Viktor Andersson, Business Controller, are at the forefront of this initiative, meticulously preparing for upcoming CSRD/ESRS reporting requirements to cement their long-term sustainability goals.

The journey began with Circura’s foundational commitment to sustainability, rooted deeply within its corporate DNA. From its inception, the company was designed to focus on maintaining, refurbishing, and remodeling buildings—a practice perfectly aligned with the current sustainability trends and needs. “Sustainability has been a part of our DNA from the get-go,” Blomqvist noted. This approach notably contributes to reducing embodied emissions by preserving the material value of concrete, steel, aluminum, and plastic in building structures, which are significant sources of global greenhouse emissions.

Identifying key sustainability needs, Circura has recognized the urgent requirement to maintain and regularly service aging buildings, which are either in need of refurbishment or, in some cases, demolition. This realization has steered them towards a proactive maintenance strategy to extend buildings’ technical lifespans.

In their quest for comprehensive ESG reporting, Circura has embraced Position Green’s platform, which offers tailored solutions for data management—an essential component in achieving compliance and operational excellence. Andersson highlighted the importance of this integration, saying, “We especially valued the ability to create our own measuring points, which is one of the reasons why we chose Position Green.”

Moreover, the CRSD/ESRS reporting framework is not merely a compliance exercise but a strategic element of Circura’s sustainability agenda, mitigating operational, reputational, and compliance risks. This strategic implementation has also facilitated the acquisition and integration of smaller companies within Sweden, ensuring they adhere to structured sustainability practices.

Addressing industry challenges, Circura is committed to improving health and safety standards, ensuring fair working conditions, and guaranteeing compliance with safety and environmental regulations. “Health and safety, working conditions, and fair pay are major challenges within our industry due to the existence of unethical actors,” Blomqvist explained. This is crucial in an industry where subcontractors may operate under less stringent conditions.

Looking towards the future, Circura plans to further develop its sustainable supply chain management systems. This initiative aims to establish a solid baseline for data collection and performance monitoring across all its companies, enhancing transparency and accountability in the supply chain.

In conclusion, Circura’s long-term ESG ambitions are clearly defined and strategically aligned with their operational goals. Andersson encapsulated this vision by stating, “Our ultimate goal is that when you think about Circura, you think about a company that helps asset owners maintain and enhance their property holdings in an environmentally conscious way.”

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