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Rising demand for high-quality carbon credits fuels market growth to $3bn

The voluntary carbon market (VCM) is poised for a banner year, with projections indicating that it could reach a value of $3bn in 2024.

Unlocking the potential of carbon accounting for CSRD compliance

Environmental concerns are increasingly pivotal, leading businesses globally to focus on carbon emissions accounting. The CSRD's recent standards mandate more rigorous, transparent carbon accounting practices. ESG FinTech company Greenomy recently delved into carbon accounting's essence and its connection with ESRS requirements. It also highlighted traditional carbon accounting challenges and how companies can align with these new standards.

Mashreq, Visa, and ecolytiq launch carbon banking platform in MENA

Mashreq, a prominent financial institution in the MENA region, has joined forces with Visa, a global leader in digital payments, and ecolytiq, an expert in sustainability solutions. This powerful collaboration aims to roll out a novel climate banking platform, which stands as the first of its kind in both the UAE and the broader MENA region.

Navigating the green maze: How to excel in sustainability reporting

In an era where climate concerns are pushing the boundaries of business norms, Climate Week has cast a spotlight on the pressing demand for sustainable action. Position Green's participation has yielded insights that are impossible to ignore: The time to respond to the environmental crisis is now.

Lloyds Bank launches paperless guarantee initiative to boost trade efficiency

Lloyds Bank, a renowned British financial institution, has unveiled its groundbreaking solution aimed at transforming the trade finance landscape.

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