Our policy on diversity is as follows.

We are privileged to have so many senior industry professionals agree to participate in the Summit as speakers, presenters and sponsors. This enables us to host the most informative and insightful event possible.

We support the aim of gender parity at senior levels across the FinTech sector and we have made a conscious effort to invite as many senior women as possible. For each speaker and panel position, where invitations were made directly to individuals, we invited twice as many women as men, all of whom had the relevant seniority, role and experience.

For roles where a sponsor or other organisation is invited to present a speaker, the choice is entirely up to the organisation so long as the person selected has the relevant experience and authority. Similarly, the RegTech companies that are exhibiting or giving demos of their products make their own choice in terms of who to put forward.

We set no allocations based on race, religion, sexual orientation or any other factor for speakers or delegates and we make no effort to influence the distribution of participants along such lines.

The RegTech ecosystem encompasses a global and diverse community and we look forward to welcoming everyone that contributes to it.

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