Tag: AI 2023

NatWest Group and AWS bolster partnership for AI-driven financial wellbeing

NatWest Group, a leading relationship bank committed to aiding people, families, and businesses in their financial growth, has announced an enhanced partnership with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), a global giant in cloud computing and AI solutions.

The silent dilemma: How data integrity is shaping the future of...

Simha Sadasiva CEO and co-founder Ushur recently spoke to a professional that mentioned a surprising anomaly. Their newly purchased laptop, undoubtedly sleeker and more...

Deep learning vs machine learning: What’s the real difference?

AI's evolution has brought to the forefront two key terms: Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Are they the same, or do they represent distinct facets of AI? Ushur, a customer experience automation company, has explored the difference between the two. 

Climate tech leader Persefoni bags $50m in Series C-1

Climate tech platform Persefoni has recently made headlines with its announcement of securing $50m in its Series C-1 investment round.

Jericho Security nets $3m to battle generative AI-driven phishing threats

Jericho Security, an artificial intelligence cybersecurity startup founded earlier this year, announced that it has secured $3m in funding.

Deciphering the fusion of AI and human expertise in Risk Management...

The ongoing AI revolution is indisputably transforming risk management and customer identification processes (KYC), even though human input remains pivotal to these functions.

Effectiv, the real-time fraud combatant, secures $4.5m in seed funding

Effectiv, a real-time fraud and risk management platform servicing financial institutions and FinTech companies, has announced a fresh round of funding.

Contextual cybersecurity platform Cyclops secures $6.4m seed

Cyclops, a FinTech firm in the cybersecurity sector, recently announced its successful emergence from stealth.

Sigma’s AI: Revolutionising risk management and compliance

Sigma, recently ranked in the AIFinTech100 for 2023, is driving innovation with AI to offer robust and scalable risk management solutions. Their unique use of AI technologies makes the platform indispensable for current and prospective clients.

The dawn of autonomous AI: An outlook on the future of...

AI is undoubtedly a hot topic these days, stirring up discussions everywhere. Can it outperform us in writing? Can it generate art? Is it going to take over our jobs? Interestingly, while AI might exhibit almost human-like abilities and even surpass us in certain tasks, it still falters on simple questions such as the current time or performing basic multiplication. Seems less impressive now, doesn't it?

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