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Revolutionising insurance: The top 6 benefits of automating underwriting

The evolution from manual to automated systems in the insurance industry marks a significant leap towards efficiency and precision. This transition, driven by the need to overcome the limitations of traditional underwriting methods, has paved the way for a new era of insurance operations. An automated underwriting system stands at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging advanced analytics and algorithms to streamline decision-making and risk assessment processes.

Earnix and Sollers Consulting unite to revolutionise insurance sector with AI

Earnix, the premier provider of AI-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for the financial services sector, has joined forces with Sollers Consulting, an international operational advisory and software integrator specialized in the financial domain.

CLARA Analytics raises fresh funding from Nationwide Ventures

CLARA Analytics, a leading AI as a service (AIaaS) provider focused on transforming casualty claims outcomes, has recently announced a significant financial boost.

Kooperativa partners with Resistant AI to revolutionise fraud detection in insurance...

Kooperativa, a leading insurer part of the Vienna Insurance Group, has embraced Resistant AI's Document Forensics technology to combat fraudulent insurance claims.

Wisedocs secures $9.5m in Series A to revolutionise InsurTech with AI

Wisedocs, a leading name in the InsurTech sector, has successfully closed an impressive $12.7m in an oversubscribed Series A financing round.

Cytora leverages ZestyAI to improve commercial property underwriting

Cytora, a leading digital risk processing platform, has announced a partnership with ZestyAI designed to bolster commercial property underwriting.

The need for back-end office process automation in insurance

As the insurance industry continues to undergo a dramatic transformation, with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerging as a pivotal remedy for age-old challenges. This technological shift isn't merely about enhancing customer experiences; it's also about refining internal operations for efficiency gains, as distriBind explains.

AI-powered business data integration by Cytora and Veridion transforms insurance industry

Cytora, a leading digital risk processing platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Veridion, a specialist in AI-powered business data and market intelligence. This collaboration aims to bring a new level of efficiency and insight to the insurance market.

The future of insurance claims: How automation and AI are enhancing...

Navigating the insurance claim process often comes during challenging times for customers. Following an accident, emergency, or even a natural calamity, individuals typically feel apprehensive and uncertain. This anxiety can be exacerbated if the claim experience further contributes to their distress, whether it's due to the damage to their possessions or physical injuries.

Why 89% of UK insurers demand a revolution in pricing technology

In the evolving landscape of insurance, there is a stark need for adaptation. The rampant shift towards digitalisation has impacted the very core of how insurers operate, but the data-driven wave hasn't been smooth sailing. Underwriters and actuaries, key players in the industry, voice discontent with contemporary processes.

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