The future of insurance claims: How automation and AI are enhancing customer experience

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Navigating the insurance claim process often comes during challenging times for customers. Following an accident, emergency, or even a natural calamity, individuals typically feel apprehensive and uncertain. This anxiety can be exacerbated if the claim experience further contributes to their distress, whether it’s due to the damage to their possessions or physical injuries.

Significant weather events, from torrential rains to fierce hurricanes, place immense pressure on call centres, leaving callers in extended hold queues. This initial frustration, combined with delays in claim processing, can set a negative tone for the entire claim journey.

Once the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) has been lodged, the claim assessment and management stages can be overwhelming. Coordinating with multiple parties, gathering necessary documentation, and understanding the intricate process can be daunting for everyone, bar the seasoned claims professional.

Claimants already face numerous concerns during the claims process. However, a convoluted interaction with their insurer should not be one of them. Customer dissatisfaction stemming from an inefficient claims process can lead to them seeking better experiences elsewhere. A recent study highlights this, revealing that over 85% of those frustrated during the claims process considered switching insurance providers.

To retain customers and optimise their resources, insurers must revamp the entire claims journey. Although the FNOL stage is relatively well-handled, subsequent stages see a drop in service quality, resulting in an overall negative impression of the insurer.

Three pillars can reshape and elevate the insurance claim experience: clear communication, personalisation, and streamlined processes. Employing these, especially in tandem with an efficient Customer Experience Automation solution, can transform the claims process.

The key to satisfied customers lies in clear, proactive communication. Insurers must actively inform their policyholders throughout the claim journey. Advanced AI tools can even anticipate queries and provide immediate solutions.

Automation facilitates consistent updates, granting customers insights into their claim status or highlighting missing documentation, thus reducing inbound call volume. Offering varied interaction channels, from automated systems to human representatives, empowers customers. Automation’s inclusive nature also allows for collaboration among all stakeholders, ensuring a transparent and efficient process.

In today’s digital age, customers expect tailored experiences akin to their online shopping or marketing interactions. Through automation, insurers can provide real-time claim status updates and an interactive process.

Solutions like Ushur’s Invisible App, leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP), enable instantaneous responses through various channels. By proactively offering relevant information, insurers can foster trust, heightening customer satisfaction.

While the FNOL stage is relatively efficient, the subsequent steps often become convoluted. Streamlined automation removes repetitive tasks, allowing claims adjusters to dedicate more time to customers. Machine Learning (ML) can continually refine the process, ensuring a consistently positive customer experience.

Research consistently shows that a positive claims experience significantly influences customer perception. Those satisfied with the claims process are more likely to remain loyal, even when presented with competitive pricing. Through open communication, personalisation, and efficiency, automation coupled with machine learning and AI can redefine the insurance claim experience.

Ushur’s AI-powered Customer Experience Automation platform, for example, offers an array of automation tools, revolutionising the claims process. With its intuitive no-code FlowBuilder, even those without coding experience can design comprehensive omnichannel flows. Ushur ensures a flexible, customer-centric engagement, offering diverse communication modes, from emails and texts to chatbots.

Ushur’s clients have experienced reduced call volumes and heightened customer satisfaction. By automating your claims process with Ushur, your insurance organisation can reach unparalleled heights.

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