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European InsurTech on track to report lowest investment since 2019

Key European InsurTech investment stats in H1 2023: • European InsurTech deal activity is on track to reach 154 transactions in 2023, a 28% reduction...

Unravelling the importance of CIP rules for financial institutions

Financial institutions often fall prey to money launderers who exploit these platforms to funnel, mask, transfer, and cleanse ill-gotten gains. This doesn’t just endanger the specific institution but imperils the credibility of the entire financial system.

Managing PEPs: The frontline in battling financial crime in 2023

PEPs are a key topic of discussion right now. Fenergo recently took the chance to dip deeper on PEPs and the fight against financial crime. 

Navigating AML compliance in 2023: A detailed guide for MSBs

MSB have emerged as a crucial part of the financial ecosystem, bridging a gap that once only traditional banks would fill.

Flagright joins forces with ATII: A bold step in the fight...

Flagright, renowned as a global force against financial crime, has formally announced its collaboration with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII).

Transforming corrupt cash flows: A look into the world of RegTech...

Fenergo FinTalks podcast has released its latest episode where it aims to offer the newest insights into the world of RegTech, compliance, and anti-money laundering (AML).

Starling Bank collaborates with Napier to bolster financial crime compliance

Starling Bank, a leading British digital challenger bank, has chosen Napier, a London-based intelligent compliance technology firm, as its preferred platform for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF). The partnership aims to enhance the bank's financial crime compliance.

Understanding and mitigating money laundering and terrorism financing risks in your...

RegTech firm Arctic Intelligence recently provided a guide to understanding and mitigating money laundering and terrorism financing risks.

Smurfing in money laundering: How Flagright’s AI tools are reshaping the...

Dive into the intricate world of smurfing, a subtle form of money laundering, and learn about the transformative role Flagright's AI-powered tools are playing in combating this malpractice.

Unlocking the power of free OSINT tools for robust AML operations

Understanding the potency of Open Source Intelligence Tools (OSINT) is crucial for risk management in today's tech-savvy world. Sigma Ratings recently outlined eight free OSINT tools that could be pivotal in streamlining your risk and compliance workflows.

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