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Essential guide to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance in 2024

FullCircl, a SaaS platform renowned for eliminating regulatory and verification hurdles, has offered a  complete guide to money laundering regulations 2024. The updated guide explores the current global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, providing essential insights for staying compliant.

Navigating the regulatory minefield: Record fines highlight 2023’s compliance challenges

In 2023, the global regulatory landscape unveiled a startling revelation as fines imposed by authorities exceeded a colossal $10.5bn. This figure not only reflects the stringent enforcement actions but also spotlights the emerging areas of regulatory scrutiny.

Regulatory oversight in the crypto realm: A deep dive into communication...

As crypto firms face a challenges, regulators have launched investigations into companies' GRC arrangements.

Cryptocurrency exchanges try to reaffirm faith

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been reaffirming the public of their reserves to quench customer fears, as the market reacts to FTX.

Binance Labs backs blockchain dev Aptos Labs

Binance Labs, the venture capital division of Binance, has made a strategic investment into Aptos Labs, a layer-1 blockchain.

PayTech apps dominated Colombian app stores in Q1 2022

PayTech companies accounted for half of the most downloaded FinTech apps In Colombia during the first quarter. WealthTech was the second most popular...

PayPal tops the charts as the most downloaded FinTech app in...

Blockchain & Crypto and Challenger Banking apps dominate the app store accounting for 60% of companies listed. Binance and Coinbase app downloads both peaked...

Fundamental Labs backs Binance in $200m round

Fundamental Labs, one of the most active Web3 and digital asset-focussed venture capital firms, has invested $20m in crypto currency exchange platform Binance.US.

WealthTech services dominate app stores in Argentina in 2021

Argentina has a good FinTech adoption rate of 67%, due to a high underbanked population (49% before Covid-19) and a major shift towards...

Treehouse secures $18m for DeFi Analytics

Treehouse, a Web3 company transforming on-chain data into metrics to help decentralised finance (DeFi) investors make informed financial decisions, has raised $18m in seed funding.

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