Tag: Compliance Challenges

The impact of compliance technology on small FinTech firms

In the fast-evolving world of financial services, firms of every size face significant hurdles in maintaining compliance and managing potential risks.

Navigating tax compliance: How FinTech innovates CRS and FATCA reporting

In the rapidly evolving global finance sector, the importance of complying with regulatory frameworks like the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) cannot be overstated.

The four pillars shaping the future of risk management

In the dynamic realm of risk management, pivotal factors are reshaping the role of risk executives. Financial crimes compliance, a pivotal aspect of risk management, necessitates vigilance and innovative strategies. Among these, four key factors—Revenue, Cost, Ethics, and Regulation—stand as paramount forces propelling risk leaders into the future.

Navigating the future of asset management: Digitalizing investor onboarding

The landscape of Asset Management firms has long been fraught with challenges, particularly in the arena of investor onboarding and lifecycle management. This process, characterized by an intricate Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure and the handling of vast data volumes, has historically grappled with the limitations of outdated technological infrastructures.

Large language models in FinTech: A boon or bane for compliance...

The technological revolution is making the job of compliance officers increasingly intricate. From record-keeping to monitoring approved communication channels and adapting to the ever-changing world of social media advertising, the list of challenges seems endless. A burning question for many is the potential influence of large language models (LLMs) on their profession. Will LLMs simplify their tasks or add complexity?

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