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Currencycloud links with Quid Global to support entrepreneurs

Currencycloud has partnered with Quid Global, a single sign on digital ecosystem dedicated to SMEs.

How Gen Z and Millennials are reshaping payments in APAC

Compared to older generations, Millennials and Generation Z are digital-first generations and have grown up with technology. Amongst other things, this is reshaping the payments market.

Currencycloud, Mastercard join new Fintech Foundation incubator

Major players in the FinTech sector have come together to join Integrated Finance’s new Fintech Foundation incubator.

Why Spain could be the next FinTech powerhouse

The European FinTech market is currently led by market share by the UK, Germany and France. However, the arrival of a new big competitor may be about to shake things up.

How super apps are taking the world by storm

Super apps are becoming a major global trend. Currencycloud has released a free ebook exploring what a super app is and why they are taking the world by storm.

Why FinTechs should invest in compliance

In a time of evolving regulations and changing trends, the need to invest in compliance is growing ever stronger.

How the Queen’s passing will change currency in the Commonwealth

The recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II represents not only the end of an era, but the changing of the guard when it comes...

Paysend links with Currencycloud to expand business payment capabilities

Paysend, a UK-based FinTech, has teamed with Currencycloud to expand the capabilities of its Paysend Business solution.

Currencycloud teams with FTFT Labs to launch remittance app

Currencycloud has teamed with Future FinTech Labs to launch Tempo, a remittance app, to offer US-based immigrants a simpler way to send money.

Currencycloud links with Clausematch to implement its RegTech solution

Currencycloud has contracted RegTech firm Clausematch to implement the latter’s policy management solution.

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