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CMA publishes guidance on business environmental cooperation

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published new guidance on how competition law applies to environmental sustainability agreement between firms.  

Republican-led House of Representatives passes anti-ESG investing rule

The US House of Representatives has approved legislation aimed at blocking a new law allowing the consideration of climate and ESG factors by retirement plan fiduciaries.  

Bank of Canada believes offline CBDC could boost financial inclusion

The Bank of Canada believes an offline Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) would help to boost financial inclusion.

Deutsche Bank ESG revenues set to surpass €1bn per year

Deutsche Bank has unveiled an estimate today that its revenues from ESG business will grow to around €1.4bn per year, ahead of €800bn secured last year.

Barclays unveils policy to end oil sands companies financing

Barclays has announced a new policy that will substantially limit its financing activities for a range of emissions-intensive energy sectors.  

ESG platform Novata raises $30m in Series B

Novata, a platform and public benefit corporation that provides private markets with an ESG solution, has scored $30m in a Series B raise.

Multinational bank BNP Paribas to face climate lawsuit

BNP Paribas have been sued by three non-governmental organisations due to a failure to comply with the country’s duty of vigilance law regarding climate change.

What is sustainability reporting and why is it important

In a time where sustainability has become key to the majority of financial companies’ operations, understanding sustainability reporting has become key. In a recent...

Is ESG the next big legislative battleground?

Despite coming into the corporate lexicon in 2004, ESG remained fairly invisible for over a decade. With the fight for the climate heating up, ESG has become a huge part of the climate change discussion.

Climate FinTechs raise record funding levels in 2022

FinTech companies that are driving net-zero continue to attract record venture capital funding, according to a new report from Commerz Ventures.

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