Tag: June 2023

AI-focused data security firm Cyera bags £100m in Series B funding

Cyera, a data security firm with a heavy focus on AI, has pulled in a substantial £100m funding raise in its recent Series B. 

BonjourCyber secures €1m in funding for cybersecurity services expansion

BonjourCyber, a French cybersecurity start-up tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and mid-sized companies (ETIs), has announced a €1m funding boost.

London-based FinTech Upp. bags €9.1m in seed funding

Upp., a burgeoning technology firm based in London, uses AI and ML to redefine online marketing and sales methods for retailers.

Boost to the financial crime battle as Resistant AI raises $27.6m

Resistant AI, a company leveraging AI and machine learning to secure financial services, has declared the expansion of its Series A funding.
How Ziina leveraged Flagright to reinvent its AML and fraud prevention protocols

How Ziina leveraged Flagright to reinvent its AML and fraud prevention...

Ziina, under the strategic leadership of their Head of Compliance and AML, Leonardo Correa, has adopted the groundbreaking platform of Flagright to revolutionise their AML compliance strategies and fraud prevention procedures.

Checkout.com unveils optimisation engine to boost merchant revenue

Checkout.com has launched Intelligent Acceptance, its latest product designed to optimise acceptance rates and aid merchant revenues.

Raincoat harnesses $6.5m to accelerate climate disaster insurance

Raincoat, a firm tackling the challenge of providing scalable climate insurance solutions, has announced additional seed funding of $6.5m. 

Sustainable finance start-up Crux clinches $4.25m seed extension

Pioneering a new era in sustainable finance, Crux has successfully procured $4.25m in a rapid seed extension round.

FundMiner’s AI-driven advancement tech gains $1.725m in funding round

FundMiner, a platform designed to enhance the operations of fundraising organisations, has secured $1.725m in a financing round.

Liquid investments platform Earn Network hauls in $2.7m seed round

Earn Network, a community-driven marketplace for liquid investments, has successfully concluded its seed funding round.

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