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Reducing compliance costs with WealthArc’s advanced wealth app

WealthArc is revolutionising the way External Asset Managers handle compliance, making the arduous tasks associated with meeting FinSA/FinIA regulations more manageable and cost-effective.

How has Consumer Duty impacted wealth management so far?

Consumer Duty has now been live in the UK for several months. Wealth management firms spent many resources preparing themselves to be ready for...

How wealth firms can find the right AI for the job 

With the proliferation of AI, it is easy for wealth management firms to get overwhelmed by the choice. There are countless solutions in the market all promising various benefits, so finding the right one for the job can be tough. FinTech Global spoke to several WealthTech leaders to offer some guidance on what to look for.

How wealth management firms can get ready for generative AI

Earlier this month, OpenAI unveiled its latest advancement in the world of generative AI, Sora. Unlike ChatGPT, its previous revolution in the world of generative AI, Sora allows users to build realistic videos from simple text instructions, potentially providing businesses with another tool to transform operations, such as marketing.

Enhancing portfolio management with integrated CRM solutions

Over the past few years, WealthArc, which helps automate workflows for wealth managers,  has spoken to many prospects about Portfolio Management Systems (PMS). Far too many have responded with interest in PMS, but stated they don't need a solution for client relationship management. 

Could 2024 be a big year for tokenisation within wealth management?

It has been a few years since the digital asset hype took the world by storm and has since fallen to the background. Despite this, the asset type is still popular, and could see more market adoption in 2024.

WealthTech experts highlight the key trends in the sector for 2024

As another year starts, it is the time to look ahead and attempt to predict what is to come and the biggest trends for the WealthTech sector in 2024.

WealthArc and ZeroLink join forces to revolutionise wealth management with advanced...

WealthArc, a distinguished provider of wealth data management solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with ZeroLink, an innovator in neurosymbolic KGQA technology.

Was 2023 successful for WealthTech?

2023 proved to be another difficult year, with many businesses being forced to enter survival mode and clamps were placed on budgets and resources.

Enhancing wealth management: The critical role of data purity in portfolio...

In today's financial world, wealth management requires a strategic, technology-driven approach. A Portfolio Management System is essential, according to WealthArc, an asset management software developer. 

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