Unit21 reveals AI tools for FinTech fraud and AML analysis


Unit21, a trailblazer in the realm of Fraud and AML solutions, has made headlines with its recent unveiling of new AI-powered features.

The inception of these tools stems from a critical need to augment the decision-making prowess and operational efficacy of professionals within the financial crime sphere. In an era where data overwhelms, Unit21’s initiative marks a significant leap towards simplifying complex data interactions.

Unit21 is esteemed for its comprehensive suite of tools tailored to combat financial crimes effectively. Their offerings span across detecting, investigating, and reporting fraudulent activities and money laundering schemes, setting new benchmarks in FinTech’s fight against crime.

At the forefront of Unit21’s latest advancements are the “Ask Your Data” and “AI Copilot” tools. “Ask Your Data” emerges as a pioneering AI-driven data analysis instrument, specifically engineered for the financial crime domain. It employs a conversational interface allowing users to effortlessly interact with their data in natural language. This not only democratizes data analysis but also propels organizations towards a more intuitive understanding of their data trends and risk management health.

Conversely, the “AI Copilot” is tailored to refine the alert resolution process for fraud and AML analysts. It offers contextual insights, recommends actions, and elucidates its suggestions, functioning akin to a seasoned mentor. This enhancement in efficiency particularly addresses the challenge of sifting through numerous alerts, including false positives, thereby allowing analysts to focus on genuinely risky alerts with improved accuracy.

These innovations by Unit21 are poised to redefine how fraud and AML teams interact with their data. By integrating these AI-powered tools, teams can expect a transformation in their operational dynamics, pivoting towards more strategic and informed decision-making.

The launch of these tools underscores Unit21’s commitment to advancing FinTech’s capabilities in combating financial crimes. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Unit21 not only streamlines data analysis but also empowers analysts with unprecedented analytical autonomy and insight.

“Fraud and AML teams are often bogged down by the sheer volume of data and manual processes,” Unit21 CEO Trisha Kothari said. “With Ask Your Data and AI Copilot, we are empowering teams with more control over their data, enabling them to respond more effectively to threats.”

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