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FCA updates its handbook for a post-Brexit UK market

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published an updated version of the FCA Handbook to give companies ample time to prepare before the Brexit transition period is over.

UK to take less bureaucratic approach to regulations post Brexit

The UK is reportedly set to take a tough but less bureaucratic approach for banks once Brexit is completed.

Half of FinTechs sceptical about launching in the UK because of...

New research shows that 50% of FinTech executives are sceptical about launching in the UK because of Brexit.

Nium receives licence to issue e-money and provide cross-border digital payments...

The Financial Conduct Authority has given Singaporean FinTech Nium an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence.

Is the UK losing its shine as a FinTech hotbed?

Robinhood pulled the plug on its UK expansion this week. Now, some fear that other FinTechs will also leave the nation.

bunq founder fears Brexit could force more FinTechs to leave Britain

Stocktrading app Robinhood has scraped its plans to expand to the UK. Now, the founder of bunq is concerned that it could just be the first FinTech to up sticks.

Majority of financial leaders believes Brexit should be delayed on the...

The health of the economy is not looking great if you ask financial leaders around the planet and the majority of European ones think this should be cause to delay the UK's divorce from the EU.

ESMA shuts down Brexit collaboration group

The EU securities markets regulator is about to finalise the work of the Supervisory Coordination Network (SCN), an initiative instigated by the UK's withdrawal from the international collaboration.

How the UK is still appealing to investors despite Brexit

Ever since the UK voted to leave Europe in 2016, there has been a cloud of uncertainty on the FinTech market. Most discussions painted it as doom and gloom, but the amount of capital still being deployed to the country’s FinTechs, suggests things might be fine.

Why Brexit will continue to be a big challenge for financial...

Despite being more than three years in the making, the UK’s divorce from the EU is still a cause of great uncertainty for financial services firms.

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