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Revolutionising health insurance: embracing technology for superior customer experience

With the increasing digitalisation of the healthcare sector has escalating customers' demands for convenient access to their insurance details and policy management, integrating advanced technologies is more important than ever for health insurance providers. 

Booming pet technology presents opportunity for insurers, Cloud Insurance says

With the recent boom in pet technology, the pet insurance market represents an exciting opportunity for insurers.

The state of health & life insurance: capturing the younger generation...

The health and life insurance market has many challenges and trends in common with the wider insurance industry. However, it also faces its own unique hurdles, what are these and what can insurers do about them?

Kanguro dips its paws into the US pet insurance market with...

In an industry where many incumbents move at a lethargic pace, the recent partnership between InsurTech Kanguro, focusing on the US Spanish speaking market, initially with pet health insurance, and Cloud Insurance represents a new era in the industry: one of dynamism and innovation.

Why insurers need to know about behavioural analytics

Artificial intelligence applied to big data has opened many doors for various industries. One of the applications of AI and big data is behavioural analytics. Insurers would do well to leverage this and make it a priority.

The changing face of insurance distribution

Much has changed since the days of door-to-door salesmen or cold calls via landline telephones as a method of insurance distribution. Today’s consumers can sign up for policies on their mobiles with just a few clicks. However, there are many facets of insurance distribution which are evolving. Which evolving trends do insurers need to pay attention to?

Cloud Insurance’s SaaS solution gains recognition

Cloud Insurance, an all-in-one InsurTech solution for agents, insurance companies, brokers and MGAs, has been recognised as the best SaaS solution of the year at the Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards.

Is embedded insurance the way forward for insurance distribution?

One of the fastest growing trends in the insurance market today is embedded insurance. Predicted to reach $722bn by 2030, it is definitely something to watch out for.

The 5 technology trends taking health insurance by storm

Like many areas of insurance, the healthcare space is in a big period of change. Cloud Insurance has highlighted the five emerging technology trends in the space that could really disrupt the sector.

Embedded Insurance: the future of insurance distribution

The pandemic-fuelled shift to online purchasing and increased demand for digital gave new impetus to embedded insurance products. This trend is presenting insurers with an invaluable opportunity to scale and improve their distribution.

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