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How Scanbot SDK can improve the ticket scanning process on public...

In the not-so-distant past, navigating through the bustle of public transport meant holding onto a paper ticket. However, the concept has swiftly become a relic of a bygone era. The transition from traditional paper tickets to e-tickets has resulted in more convenience and efficiency. Apart from reducing the environmental impact, this shift has streamlined the ticketing process, offering passengers instant access through their smartphones or other digital devices, as Scanbot SDK explains.

Is low-code good enough for insurance software development

Programming has often been described as difficult and unaccessible, which is why the implementation of low code solutions designed to amend these issues is so appealing to insurers globally. But can they be used at a corporate level? Dmitry Kurbatov, delivery manager at Symfa delves into the lessens he learned while implementing such an offering at a US insurance firm.

Forta Solutions launches groundbreaking warehouse lending platform Agility

Forta Solutions has introduced Agility, an innovative warehouse lending platform that promises unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and a quicker, more secure route to liquidity for warehouse lenders.

InsurTech acquisitions gain momentum growing at a CAGR of 34.6% from...

InsurTech acquisitions have increased in popularity from 2016 to 2022 although incumbent insurers haven’t kept up with the market’s speed. David Wechsler, a principal...

Revolutionising regulatory reporting: The role of the Cloud in future FinTech

The escalating complexity and volume of financial regulations have escalated the resource demand for regulatory reporting. Banks, insurance firms, and capital market companies are...

Riding the rough economic waves: why vendor consolidation is important

In a time where the world is experiencing significant economic challenges, there is a growing importance of vendor consolidation.

Afficiency and Western & Southern integrate with ConsumerOptix for income protection

Afficiency, an InsurTech that aims to transform the end-to-end life insurance buying process, and Western & Southern Financial Group, have integrated with ConsumerOptix.

Insurance trio to delivery income protection to homeowners

Life InsurTech Afficiency and Cincinnati-based insurance conglomerate Western & Southern Financial Group have teamed up with InsurTech Bubble to bring income protection to California mortgage borrowers.

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