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Navigating the new frontiers in surveillance technology

The recently launched 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report from 1LoD and co-sponsored by MCO (MyComplianceOffice), sheds light on the evolving landscape of surveillance across financial institutions. The insights, gathered from over 30 prominent banks globally, highlight significant developments in the ways these institutions approach compliance and surveillance.

How to choose the right compliance software for your business needs

The strategic choice of the right technology platform is pivotal for firms aiming to enhance business focus, increase value, and solidify compliance as an integral part of their operations. However, the decision-making process to select an appropriate compliance solution is fraught with challenges. These include the risk of overspending, choosing software that fails to address both current and future needs, or enduring a difficult implementation phase.

Finding the right RegTech partner for you – Part 1

The global RegTech sector is projected to reach a value of $66.9bn by 2032, growing at a 22.6% CAGR from 2023, according to a report from Allied Market Research. Given its size, it is evident that the market is full of various types of RegTech solutions all claiming to revolutionise the output of compliance teams. However, with so much noise in the market, finding the right solution is like finding a needle in a haystack. FinTech Global spoke to several RegTech providers for an insight into what to look for.

Navigating the maze of policy management in finance: A technological compass

The importance of robust, clear, and compliant policies and procedures cannot be overstated in the dynamic realm of financial services. These fundamental elements empower firms to align their operations with strategic goals, adhere to regulatory mandates, and cultivate a culture rooted in accountability and transparency.

Navigating compliance: The critical role of record keeping in financial firms

In the fast-evolving landscape of financial regulation, the significance of stringent recordkeeping cannot be overstated. Recent enforcement actions by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have underscored this, with fines exceeding $1.5bn handed down to Wall Street firms for recordkeeping violations.

MyComplianceOffice announces Conor O’Kane as new CIO

MyComplianceOffice (MCO), a provider of integrated compliance management software, has appointed Conor O’Kane as its new Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Communications compliance: How to stay ahead of the curve

The landscape of financial services faces intensified scrutiny in communications compliance. In an era marked by consistent and assertive regulatory enforcement, a proactive approach to preserving and managing employee communications is critical. The need for a robust and defensible strategy is no longer optional; it's an imperative for firms, irrespective of their scale or niche, as MyComplianceOffice discuss in their latest whitepaper. 

Navigating FINRA Renewals: Essential Guide for Financial Firms

As the end of the year draws near, financial firms are under the gun to complete their annual FINRA and state/jurisdiction registration renewals. With deadlines fast approaching, it's critical to have a robust framework in place for timely, cost-effective, and efficient renewals, not just for this year but for the future as well.

Meeting FCA expectations: A continuous journey for Consumer Duty compliance

MyComplianceOffice recently outlined details from a recent speech that detailed the impact Consumer Duty has had on companies. 

Navigating through MiCA: Unpacking the EU’s new crypto-asset regulations

The Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) is setting a precedent, crafting a well-structured framework for regulating crypto-assets throughout the European Union (EU) which are not yet encased by current financial services legislations. 

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