Tags Ransomware

Tag: Ransomware

30 million payment cards could have been compromised in Wawa breach

Wawa revealed in December that payment data on the customers who visited the US retailer’s 850 locations could have been compromised in a hack.

Travelex’s offerings are finally back online after almost a months’ outage...

From: RegTech Analyst Travelex’s foreign exchange services were crippled on New Year’s Eve when the company discovered a ransomware in its system. Almost a month later, Travelex...

Millennials less aware about phishing threats than other age groups as...

Just because they are digitally native, it doesn’t mean that millennials are better at cybersecurity than their older peers.

Businesses suffer longer system outages due to ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are becoming more severe with businesses suffering from infections being out for up to 16.2 days on average, up from 12.1 days in the third quarter of 2019.

Travelex has recovered some of its systems after being crippled by...

Foreign exchange company Travelex has started to recover some of the services it was forced to close down due to a virus discovered on New Year’s Eve.

Travelex begins to restore customer-facing services after almost two weeks of...

Having been crippled by a ransomware attack on New Year’s Eve, foreign exchange Travelex is now starting to recover some of its customer-facing services.

Travelex ransomware scandal spirals to affect Samsung Pay’s international money transfer...

Samsung Pay has been forced to suspend its international money transfer services as it has been drawn into Travelex’s ransomware problems.

Researchers warn about new ransomware Snake

Snake is the latest in a long string of ransomware programs financial services firms must be on the lookout for.

Travelex names REvil as the ransomware that crippled its services and...

On New Year's Eve, Travelex, the foreign exchange company, shut down some of its services due to a ransomware attack, stranding travellers without access to money.

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