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Tag: Sanctions

US and UK place sanctions on Russian cybergang members

The US and the UK have imposed sanctions on seven members of the Russian hacking group Trickbot, according to Finextra.

Sanctions screener GSS lands £37m

Global Screening Services, a sanctions screening platform, has scored £37m in its first funding round. 

Why sanctions screening is imperative

Since the onset of the Ukraine-Russia war, sanctions have been in the news on an almost daily basis. Why is the screening of sanctions so important?

How the war in Ukraine has changed the view on sanctions

Since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war, the attention on sanctions – trade sanctions in-particular – has reached fever pitch. With more knowledge and focus on sanctions than ever before, what does this mean for their future?

Staying abreast with trade sanction compliance in today’s world

With the news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine fresh in the memory, trade sanctions as a topic are back front-and-centre. How can companies today ensure they are staying compliant with the relevant sanctions?

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