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Revolutionising regulatory reporting: The role of the Cloud in future FinTech

The escalating complexity and volume of financial regulations have escalated the resource demand for regulatory reporting. Banks, insurance firms, and capital market companies are...

Key considerations for scaling fraud prevention systems

In the data-driven epoch, secure, adaptable, and scalable fraud prevention systems hold immense significance, especially for financial institutions handling sensitive data and massive amounts of money. The scalability of these systems, often overlooked, is crucial not only to handle the present volume of transactions but also to accommodate growth over the upcoming years.

7 reasons why wealth managers are gravitating towards cloud-based solutions

In the realm of wealth management, there is an increasing preference for cloud-based portfolio management software, a shift driven by the multiple advantages these solutions present. WealthArc has outlined seven major reasons behind the rising adoption of cloud-based alternatives over traditional on-premise options.

How TAINA is Revolutionising the Industry with Containerisation and Kubernetes

TAINA, a leading tech firm, has made a significant stride towards simplifying life for everyone through their cloud-agnostic approach and supporting containerisation.

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