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Why compliance teams need to focus on transaction monitoring

Payment fraud is accelerating rapidly. A report from Merchant Savvy found that payment fraud tripled from $9.8bn in 2011 to $32.4bn in 2020. This is then expected to reach $40.6bn by 2027.

How to bolster transaction monitoring for FinTechs

There is no doubt FinTech is a booming industry. The sector, according to Statista, is expected to grow at an average rate of 12% to reach a value of €188bn by 2024. This makes transaction monitoring a hot-button issue going forward.

Sentinels selected by Dutch neobank Brand New Day

Sentinels, a transaction monitoring and client risk management platform, has been selected by Netherlands-based neobank Brand New Day to scale its anti-money laundering (AML) controls.

How AI can bolster the RegTech onboarding process

The rise of AI is happening across the majority of industries globally. However, it is seeing particularly powerful growth across the RegTech industry right now.

KYC dev Fenergo acquires Sentinels to boost due diligence capabilities

KYC and client lifecycle management (CLM) solution developer Fenergo has acquired Sentinels, which builds AI-powered AML and transaction monitoring platform.

How do EU and UK AML regulations differ post-Brexit?

Prior to the UK leaving the EU at the beginning of 2021, the UK had mostly regulatory alignment with the Union. Since Brexit, the divisions have emerged. How has this impacted AML regulatory alignment?

Ping Payments taps Sentinels to strengthen AML controls

Payments services provider Ping Payments has chosen transaction monitoring and client risk management platform Sentinels to reinforce its AML controls.

Do banks need to join forces in the war against money...

There are many benefits to a more globalised world. However, one of the key threats posed by an increasingly digitised and connected world is the scourge of money laundering.

How is cryptocurrency changing money laundering?

The cryptocurrency market is booming. With new technologies and new products launching on the market, the industry is seemingly going from strength to strength. With new technologies, however, come new challenges. How is the industry changing money laundering?

Merchant acquirer PAYSTRAX buffs up AML with Sentinels

European merchant acquirer PAYSTRAX has picked transaction monitoring platform Sentinels to bolster its anti-money laundering processes.

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