Over two-thirds of investors want digital experiences on par with those...

ThoughtLab conducted a global survey from September to November 2023, engaging 2,000 investors from diverse backgrounds in terms of wealth, age, gender, and location....

How has Consumer Duty impacted wealth management so far?

Consumer Duty has now been live in the UK for several months. Wealth management firms spent many resources preparing themselves to be ready for...

FinTech Global launches Wealth Market Map as vital guide to the...

FinTech Global, a specialist research firm, has released its WealthTech Market Map, which will serve as an informative guide for financial institutions, wealth and asset management and private banks looking to navigate the burgeoning sector.

Navigating the 2023 AI Surge: The critical role of quality data...

As we move deeper into 2023, AI breakthroughs are dominating the global business landscape. The capabilities of generative systems and large language models have gripped the public's attention, with companies across various sectors investing heavily in these AI-centric technologies. However, the success of these investments heavily relies on the quality of data used to train these systems and the in-house expertise of the organisations implementing them.

How wealth managers can revolutionise decision-making with technology

Decision-making is arguably one of the most important parts of a wealth manager’s workload. As advancements in technology continue to accelerate, these managers have the chance to drastically improve their output.

Embracing AI for transformation: Key insights from Aiviq’s asset management roundtable

Last month, Aiviq spearheaded a crucial industry event, bringing together forward-thinking leaders from 10 prominent asset management firms.

How WealthArc is shaping the future of WealthTech with data automation

WealthArc has consistently emphasised the role of accurate data in making informed business decisions. Over the years, the company has been dedicating significant resources to optimise their data reconciliation processes. The company has released a new report that explores just how it can help firms save time through automation.

Why investment firms should implement digital channels

FinTech global recently sat down with Fredrik Davéus, the CEO and co-founder of financial analytics API developer Kidbrooke. During the discussion, Davéus explained why investment firms should implement digital channels.

5th annual WealthTech100 names the companies you can’t afford to miss

The fifth annual WealthTech100 list has named the technology companies transforming wealth and asset management during the uncertain market.

How technology can improve wealth transfer

Wealth transfer is an important topic for all wealth managers, but most fail to keep hold of the heirs. But what if there was a way to boost retention rates?

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