How eMACH architecture transforms wealth management in India


In the rapidly evolving world of WealthTech, is setting new standards with its latest collaboration.

According to IntellectAI, working alongside one of India’s top wealth management firms, we’ve introduced eMACH architecture, a revolutionary approach to customer service that offers unprecedented personalization and efficiency.

eMACH, which stands for Events, Microservices, API, Cloud, and Headless, represents the cutting edge in open finance platforms. It allows Banking & Financial Services Institutions to craft their distinct “My Signature Solution”. This innovation is crucial in today’s fast-paced market, as it helps institutions offer delightful customer experiences that stand out from the competition.

Our groundbreaking project with the firm was a significant milestone for By integrating eMACH architecture, we were able to create a seamless and hyper-personalized client experience. This implementation included over 70 APIs and 20 Microservices, allowing for a third-party vendor to develop a mobile app while we focused on a robust backend.

The flexibility of the headless implementation meant we could offer highly customizable user experiences. Wealth management clients have diverse needs, and our system could adapt the user interface to meet these specific demands, thus providing a market edge.

On the backend, our core engine supported Relationship Managers (RMs) with comprehensive dashboards for real-time insights and analytics. This enabled better client portfolio management and order execution. The Operations Office benefited from automated handling of transaction processing, compliance, and customized reporting, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Our robust backend infrastructure could handle up to 2.5m customers and 700m transactions, with autoscaling capabilities that ensured smooth operation during peak loads. This scalability is vital for growing firms.

We also managed key functionalities across both the RM and Operations Offices. From prospect management to campaign management, customer onboarding, and risk profiling, our solutions ensured seamless operations and optimal results. Our advanced order management system streamlined the investment process, from selection to payment, maintaining full regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, we offered Baskets — expertly curated investment portfolios that cater to specific investment goals or themes. These could be customized by users to meet unique investment preferences, enhancing client engagement.

Automated reconciliation processes reduced manual errors and maintained compliance, while our real-time portfolio analytics provided deep insights into investment strategies and market conditions.

In conclusion, our project not only set new benchmarks in WealthTech but also demonstrated the transformative potential of eMACH architecture in wealth management. By focusing on hyper-personalization and efficient backend operations, we are paving the way for a new era of client-centric solutions.

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