Check out the FinTech and RegTech firms picked for Plug and Play Japan’s latest programme

An eclectic group of startups from around the world has been chosen to take part in Plug and Play Japan winter and spring batch.

In total, 94 companies have been selected across the accelerator’s six programmes: FinTech, InsurTech, mobility, internet of things, brand and retail and health. Each group has between 14 and 17 startups in them.

The programmes will culminate in a summit in the beginning of March 2020.

Looking particularly at the 16 startups in the FinTech group, it fair to say that it consists of a varied bunch of startups from Japan, the US, Europe and Asia.

They operate across a wide range of RegTech, cybersecurity and predictive technology. Let’s take a closer look.

Applied Academics?has branded itself as a performance prediction pioneering company that helps investors ?separate skill from luck in investment outcomes to predict future performance?. By doing so, the New York-based company is able to help high-value mangers justify their fees by allocating them where they could have the biggest impact.

Beacon Platform?is a FinTech firm specialising in cloud infrastructure for banks. The news about it joining the Plug and Play Japan programme comes about a year after?FinTech Global reported that it had closed a Series A round.

Blacksands?is a cybersecurity company based in Menlo Park, California. It has developed a solution aimed at making it easier to safely and efficiently manage their enterprise connections.

LearningPal?is another Californian firm to make the list. The startup has developed an AI-backed technology that recognises and extracts handwritten notes and turns them into digital and searchable texts and documents.

Credify?is the name of a Singapore-based business startup founded in 2019 that is setting out to minimise risk in the online commerce and alternative finance space.

Canada FinTech sector has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, having attracted a $4.6bn since 2014, according to?FinTech Global data.

So its unsurprising that at least one company from the Great White would make the Plug and Play list.?Dataperformers?is a Montreal-based company that has created a SaaS solution for financial institutions that is powered by artificial intelligence.

GCA TECH?is a Japanese RegTech firm that helps companies resolve legal disparities in contracts.

Similarly, Loglass is also from Japan, This Tokyo-based FinTech company is simply described as a strategy cloud enterprise.

Like Loglass,?Miletos?is based in Tokyo, but its solution is slightly different. This company has created a cost-scrutiny platform that is set up to prevent fraud.

Mostly AI Solutions?is an Austrian company that enables businesses to tap into their huge datasets without having to compromise individuals privacy. This RegTech enterprise enables users to ?generate an unlimited number of highly realistic [and] representative synthetic customers, matching the patterns and behaviours of your actual customers at an unprecedented level.p>

The benefit of this is that ?synthetic data is anonymous and exempt from data protection regulations, this opens up a whole range of opportunities for your otherwise locked-up data, resulting in faster innovation, less risks and less costs.p>

PriceHubble?is Zurich-based FinTech company enabling customers to make better real estate decisions by leveraging machine learning and big data.

PTmind is a Chinese FinTech firm that also promises to turn big data into value for its clients.

Do you hate standing in line? Then?QueQ?might be the startup for you. The Thai company enables shoppers to use the app to find out how long they would have to wait in a queue to make their purchases. It also enables users to hold their spot in the line as they go on and do other stuff.

Israel has a reputation of being a hotbed for cybersecurity innovation. So it is hardly surprising that the country addition to the FinTech programme is working in the sector. Singular PErurbations?is a RegTech startup set up with the idea of ensuring uninterrupted workflows. It does this by scanning every piece of content that goes into the companies servers and then breaks those files down and creates a safe replica free from potentially harmful malware.

Singular PErurbations?has a USP that evoking the memories from the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. However, instead of using three triplets with precognitive powers, this startup relies on machine learning and massive amounts of data to predict crime.

Its Crime Prediction System relies on data about crime, local variables like rain, the make-up of the population in terms of things like income, closeness to things like bars and stations to map out where crime is likely to occur.

Credit-scoring company Yamato is the final enterprise to enter this batch. This Japanese business leverages AI to improve asset management and to deduce credit risks.

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