Unpacking the complexities of scaling a development team in RegTech

Unpacking the complexities of scaling a development team in RegTech

It’s a common scenario for every CTO in the dynamic field of RegTech – the constant push and pull on whether to scale the tech team. The questions frequently come flooding in – could we speed up a project if we hire more developers? Could we build a certain feature if we expanded our team? TAINA Tech has answered those questions

Scaling a tech team is a complex decision, given the challenges that come with building and expanding high-performance tech teams. Explaining these challenges to non-technical people isn’t always easy, and the decision to expand isn’t always the right one. Indeed, there’s an upper limit to scaling a development team. Not only because budgets are finite, but also due to a tipping point where further scaling becomes detrimental to productivity.

TAINA’s CTO Rich Kent has developed a checklist that aids in determining whether it’s the right time to scale the tech team. He explained that this list can be invaluable to tech leaders facing the difficult decision of when to expand their teams. If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to any of these six questions, then it might be time to consider scaling your development team.

Firstly, is your team trying to juggle too many tasks, resulting in reduced value or mistakes? Secondly, is the quality of your software starting to decline due to time constraints? Thirdly, is your team lacking crucial skills, thus encountering regular blockers? Fourthly, are your team members showing signs of fatigue and frustration due to the workload? Fifthly, is your business demanding more value than your team can realistically provide? Lastly, can you truly justify the cost of extra resources?

However, there will likely come a time when you’ll need to pause or stop scaling. Recognising the indicators of this can be challenging, but there are key questions to ask. Do your current management controls still hold up as your team expands? Are you losing control of the code base or system architecture? Is your team maintaining your information security best practices? Is your team’s culture diluting beyond recognition? And finally, are your knowledge transfer systems effective?

With over 26 years in the software development industry, building, managing, and scaling high-performance teams, these are the questions Kent believes to be most useful in making the decision to scale or pause growth in a tech team.

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