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How digital communications foster better experiences

In the realm of healthcare, the concept of patient experience has significantly evolved, particularly in understanding and enhancing the quality of care. Smart Communications, which...

The future of customer communications: 2025-2026 predictions unveiled

As we head into 2024 and begin to analyse the trends we anticipate will drive the future of customer experience (CX), it is no longer too early to look even further ahead. Smart Communications delves into the anticipated major market trends impacting customer communications and experience in the next few years, focusing on predictions highlighted in the IDC FutureScape report for 2024.

Understanding customer expectations: The bedrock of CX innovation

Ushur recently delved deeper into the topic of customer expectations as a vital part of the customer experience. 

Data analytics – the next frontier for insurance  

The digital transformation of the insurance industry has been underway for many years. Carriers have drastically improved their efficiency, speed and accuracy through the implementation of new technologies. Now the sector may be looking towards data analytics to make the latest leap in the space. 

Smart Communications powers Mountain West’s leap to cloud customer experience

Mountain West Farm Bureau and its subsidiary 360 Insurance Company have joined forces with Smart Communications.

How the digital transformation of underwriting remains a key headache for...

Tradition is something to be honoured, but not at the expense of progress. In recent years insurance carriers have moved away from paper forms, and instead implemented digitalisation throughout their product. But there is more to come. In particular, the digital transformation of underwriting still remains a key headache.

What should companies look for when selecting a WealthTech provider?

WealthTech is a highly competitive market that continues to welcome more startups each year. In fact, a recent report from 360 Research Reports claimed that the market size will rise at a 22.69% CAGR, going from $8.1bn in 2021 to $27.8bn by 2027. While a huge market  empowers companies to choose between providers, it can be overwhelming when trying to find the best provider for the job.

Why personalisation is imperative for P&C insurers

Mounting competition and soaring customer expectations are turning the ability to deliver personalised messages, offers, and experiences at scale into more than just an unprecedented opportunity for P&C insurers. It could soon become a strategic imperative for any carrier seeking to gain a significant share over rivals.

Smart Communications uncovers impact of personalised, clear customer communications

Smart Communications has revealed that its global survey suggests a wide discrepancy between customer and business perceptions of customer experiences.

The importance of CCM software for life-insurers 

Life-insurers, like any other segment of the InsurTech sector, have to face the ever-growing impact of technological evolution in the field. 

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