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Tag: Smart Communications

Cloud adoption will allow insurance to improve business outcomes

As companies seek new technologies to get the competitive edge, Smart Communications believes cloud adoption will help insurance companies be agile and improve business outcomes.

How e-signatures and digital forms help level up customer experience

The prioritisation of end-to-end digital transformation is arriving. With the digital era evolving by the year, customer experience is becoming more and more vital.

Staying innovative in the insurance industry

With changing needs and an increased focus on consumer health, insurers must not only keep up with trends but get ahead of them.

Balancing KYC compliance and customer experience

At a time of heightened customer expectations, financial institutions are facing intensifying pressure to make data collection for KYC as smooth and painless as possible.

What does the insurance industry really think of AI?

It has been said AI is not a silver bullet to all the insurance industry’s shortcomings. So, what’s all the chatter about? Where is it best suited, and what (if any) are its limits?

The role of AI and machine learning in the customer experience

The insurance industry has paid lip service to AI and machine learning for some time. However, adoption has been underwhelming. As firms come under intense pressure to meet changing customer demands, could this instigate more rapid AI adoption?

The digital customer experience trends to look out for

In an age where the majority of people are beginning to conduct their business primarily online, an efficient and enjoyable digital customer experience is vital.

How can insurers and InsurTechs deliver better customer experiences?

Customers have raised the bar on the level of service they expect from their insurance provider. Faced with the industry’s historic reputation of working against the customer, insurers and InsurTechs must raise their customer experience game if they are to come out on top.

A market guide for customer communication management

Customer communications play a critical role in delivering customer experiences across print and digital channels, particularly in highly regulated markets. Software company Smart Communications has revealed a number of key insights and recommendations about customer communication management (CCM).

Why financial institutions should invest in empathy

In an era where the customer experience has become more important than ever, ensuring your service is not only efficient but also highly customer-centric.

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