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The digital race – How automation can improve efficiency and customer...

Improving the customer experience has become one of the biggest priorities for financial services. In fact, 63% of firms place customer experience as their number one focus as they try to meet the evolving demands of their customers. Lending is one area of finance where the fight to provide the best customer experience is really heating up. Many have even dubbed it as the next major battlefield.

Boosting Customer Experience: The Power of Enterprise Forms in Today’s Digital...

As the digital age continues to evolve, the significance of forms in collecting personal, first-party data and streamlining processes to enhance customer interaction cannot be overemphasised. Unfortunately, traditional web forms often fail to meet the complex needs of enterprise organisations. The solution? A shift towards advanced enterprise forms technology.

The rebranding of insurance claims: how insurers are modernising a once...

Insurers are finding themselves on the cusp of an innovative overhaul, specifically with regard to the claims journey - a process historically plagued by complex systems and lack of transparency, but now being redefined by advancing technology and evolving customer expectations.

Driving change in insurance

As insurance firms continue to look towards the future, trust seems to be the key to unlock the full potential of companies. 

How to successfully implement a digital transformation

As the insurance industry experiences a pivotal shift towards digitalisation, InsurTech leaders emphasise the importance of digital transformation not only to meet evolving customer expectations but also to enhance operational efficiency and foster innovation.

Smart Communications makes a mark in 2023 Aragon Research Globe for...

Smart Communications, a foremost technology company devoted to facilitating businesses conduct more effective customer dialogues, has been conferred with the accolade of a Leader by the prominent analyst firm, Aragon Research.

How banks are turning uncertainty into an opportunity for digital transformation

A study has found 88% of banks and lenders are capitalising on the uncertainty to rebuild customer trust via digital transformation.

How Smart Communications is enhancing the healthcare customer experience

To address the evolving challenges it faces, the healthcare industry is increasingly adopting cloud-based customer communications management (CCM) software to improve the customer experience.

What questions should you ask when switching to a cloud CCM...

When looking to make a switch from a legacy on-premise to cloud-based CCM solutions, Smart Communications stresses the importance of asking certain questions before signing a new vendor contract.

Compliance is a way to boost trust – Smart Communications claims

Compliance is no longer something done out of necessity. Instead, it is an opportunity for companies to earn the trust of their customers and safeguard their brand reputation, according to Smart Communications vice president of product marketing Chris Murphy.

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