Essential features to consider when choosing a document scanner app

Essential features to consider when choosing a document scanner app

In today’s digital age, document scanning has become a critical tool for both individuals and businesses. But not every scanning solution is created equal. Scanbot SDK has outlined what you need to know when integrating scanning software into your mobile or web application.

Why you can’t simply snap a picture

While taking a quick picture of a paper document might seem like the easiest solution, it often falls short when it comes to automated processing. The quality of the scan and its suitability for backend systems depend on several factors.

Guidance and tutorials for improved results

Once a user starts the scanning process, onscreen guidance can significantly enhance the outcome. It can provide real-time feedback, such as suggesting moving closer to the document, improving lighting conditions or staying still for a better scan.

Advanced scanning features to consider

  • Automatic capture: Essential for user-friendliness, the software should recognise the document within the photo. Techniques like edge detection or machine learning algorithms can facilitate this.
  • Blur estimator: After a document is captured, the software must determine if the blur level is within acceptable limits, tailoring it to your backend’s specifications.
  • Perspective correction: Even with the best intentions, positioning a camera directly over a document can be challenging. Hence, the scanning software should have the capability to straighten images post-capture, aiding in seamless OCR processing.
  • Automatic cropping and image filters: A good scanner app recognises the document’s edges, crops out unnecessary surroundings and optimises image quality using filters. Whether increasing contrast for readability or compressing for size, these features ensure backend compatibility.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR): OCR is a game-changer, transforming analogue text into digital data. This allows images of documents to be converted into searchable PDFs, enabling a full-text search rather than sifting through countless files.
  • File encryption: In an era of data breaches, security can’t be understated. When users upload scanned documents, they should be encrypted. They should only be decrypted once they reach the intended server, shielding sensitive information from malicious actors.

Ensuring backend compatibility

Irrespective of the scan’s quality, if it’s not compatible with your backend, it’s futile. Therefore, understanding backend requirements is crucial. This includes recognising the expected file format, knowing if the backend requires pre-filtered images, and adhering to specific resolutions.

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