The digital customer experience trends to look out for

In an age where the majority of people are beginning to conduct their business primarily online, an efficient and enjoyable digital customer experience is vital.

The experience companies provide online is more and more becoming the decider on whether they are trusted by consumers. With customer expectations changing more rapidly than ever, the trends that stand out in digital customer experience are becoming more noticeable.

In a recent post by Smart Communications, the company surveyed business leaders and consumers globally to harvest opinion on communications in the financial services, insurance and healthcare sectors. What were the key trends that stood out?

First of all, the company found that many who were surveyed believed businesses will try to close the communications satisfaction gap. According to the firm, communications are at the heart of a great digital customer experience – so much so, that how enterprises communicate with their customers can determine their level of satisfaction with a business overall.

Smart Communications said, “The challenge is that across the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries, there’s a disconnect between how well businesses think they communicate versus how customers feel about it. That gap — up to a 20% difference — represents a big opportunity to rethink customer engagement. By ensuring communications are timely, personalized and digital-first, businesses can ensure the end-to-end customer experience builds trust and loyalty.”

A second noticeable trend is that companies will take customer channel preferences more seriously to avoid negative impacts to the digital customer experience. Many customers today are increasing willing to speak up and share exactly how they want companies to interact with them, Smart Communications highlighted, and for businesses its more key than ever to ensure these preferences are considered.

The firm mentioned that a key digital customer experience trend moving forward will be revamping communications efforts to ensure greater alignment with customer wants and needs. To succeed, enterprises must adopt interactive, omnichannel conversations.

The third and final trend found by Smart Communications was that businesses will continue migrating to the cloud.

The company remarked, “Customer expectations around digital are greater than ever. And while interactions across healthcare, insurance and financial services are very different from impulse buying on Amazon, consumers are comparing every interaction to their last best digital experience.

“That’s why it’s more important than ever to have the infrastructure in place, allowing enterprises to compete with companies that deliver incredible digital experiences day-in and day-out. Unfortunately, legacy systems simply aren’t built this way and struggle to keep up with the pace of change.”

Read the full post here.

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