Redefining efficiency in parcel shipping with smartphone-based scanning

The days of outdated handheld scanners are coming to an end, with the introduction of Scanbot SDK, a smartphone-based shipping label scanning solution.

This innovation proves critical in various scenarios, from last-mile delivery to local post office operations, where efficiency is crucial, especially during peak seasons. Combining fast delivery, accurate data capture, and top-notch customer service is a necessity for postal services aiming to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Predictions reveal that the global parcel shipping volume could hit 200bn units by 2024. In this context, the escalating demand for parcel shipping necessitates innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology. Particularly during peak periods, postal services should be able to swiftly adjust to the heightened workload.

In the last ten years, conventional handheld scanning devices have been a common sight for scanning shipping labels. However, these devices present various drawbacks: high purchasing, operational and maintenance costs, and limited flexibility. This is where smartphone-based parcel scanning emerges as an ideal solution.

In times of peak demand, shipping companies often engage seasonal workers, who need to be quickly integrated into the system. Yet, the procurement of handheld scanning devices and training novice workers can be time-consuming. “Bring your own device” (BYOD) solutions serve as a key to enhanced efficiency.

With the BYOD approach, employees can use their personal devices, which maximises flexibility and minimises operational costs and training time. Seasonal workers can easily use a tool they’re already familiar with – their smartphone. By simply installing the company’s mobile app integrated with the Barcode Scanner SDK, they instantly have an efficient, user-friendly, and accurate label scanner at their disposal.

Utilising a mobile scanning solution, businesses can seamlessly merge efficiency, employee satisfaction, and profitability. The benefits are multifold: significant cost savings as companies can opt for budget smartphones instead of pricey hardware scanners, portability, ease of integration, versatility, accuracy, and extensibility. Plus, with a smartphone-based approach, companies can quickly onboard temporary workers as no additional training is required.

In addition to scanning barcodes, smartphones can serve multiple roles at once – from age and identity verification to fleet management and receipt scanning. Even in challenging conditions like poor lighting or damaged barcodes, the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK guarantees perfect results within milliseconds.

The Scanbot SDK solution is continually evolving, ensuring you benefit from improved accuracy and performance as the technology refines. By replacing dedicated hardware scanners with smartphones, your scanning processes can extend beyond barcodes, facilitating a single device for many scanning use cases. A high-quality Document Scanner allows drivers to capture paperwork on the go and quickly relay it to the back office for processing, thus ensuring every submitted scan is sharp and clear.

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