Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders: How Aiviq’s culture empowers graduates to drive FinTech innovation

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders: How Aiviq’s culture empowers graduates to drive FinTech innovation

The aspiration to work in the hustling, bustling financial heart of London City and impact the financial services sector is a common dream shared by many graduates.

In Aiviq, a burgeoning cloud-data company, these young professionals are not merely dreaming but actualising ambitions, playing critical roles that contribute substantively to the enterprise’s mission of supplying comprehensive data and analytics solutions to asset managers.

Delivering optimal data solutions with Aiviq

Offering more than a conventional analytics platform, Aiviq diligently connects asset managers with over 250 sources of Assets Under Management (AUM), Flow, and Revenue data across worldwide markets. This systematic integration aids in building foundational datasets that augment net sales, enhance client oversight, and mechanise financial reporting, all while championing innovation in the FinTech sector from their city-based locale and offering flexible working arrangements.

Aiviq distinguishes itself by deviating from standard graduate programmes, meticulously selecting and robustly investing in exceptional, diverse talent, focusing not just on cultivating soft skills but also valorising the tangible, innovative contributions that its graduates infuse into the sector. Here, potential is recognised and young professionals are entrusted with significant projects, client interactions, and access to transformation-driving data within the financial sector.

Creating an impactful journey: Stories of Aiviq’s graduates

Mohamed Ahmed, Senior Analyst at Aiviq, swiftly made his mark despite being a fresh graduate. He emphasised, “Having a degree in Engineering provided me with a strong technical foundation and honed my ability to grasp new concepts, applications, and procedures quickly. This gave me a head start as a graduate, allowing me to adapt rapidly to the work environment and provide tangible benefits to the business and our clients.”

He added, “In our offsite workshops, every voice is not only acknowledged but actively integrated. Our culture of collaboration is the cornerstone of professional development, enabling individuals to refine essential soft skills in a supportive and nurturing environment. This experience greatly improved my communication skills, even as someone who initially faced confidence challenges.”

Anita Sztella Dobo, Product Analyst, spoke of her journey across various stages of product lifecycle at Aiviq: “I have actively engaged in numerous new product initiatives and assumed significant responsibilities early in my career, including the role of SCRUM master for our engineering sprints. This placed me at the forefront of new functionalities for our product suite. The collaborative team spirit, the culture of knowledge sharing, and our rapid pace of operation have all contributed to a highly rewarding professional experience.”

Aiviq’s Pre-Sales Consultant William Parish shared, “As a graduate, I had the opportunity not only to break into asset management but also to further develop my knowledge and skills in data analysis, an area of great career potential and personal passion. Currently, I’m working on building Aiviq’s new pre-sales business function, which is a big challenge for the next 12 months, but nonetheless an exciting venture!”

Robust training and mentorship at Aiviq

In its unyielding commitment towards employee progression, Aiviq instills a mentorship programme designed to ensure every team member is accorded guidance and support from seasoned professionals, genuinely engaged in their triumphs. The developmental path is punctuated by weekly managerial meetings, personal sessions, and thorough annual reviews, demonstrating the company’s dedicated investment in their team’s evolution.

Life and culture at Aiviq

Aiviq stands out not merely as a workplace but a community of fervent data specialists, delivering managed services that span data sourcing, quality control, and reporting, which aligns with their clients’ operating models. The firm positions itself as a trusted advisor, aptly managing the inevitable business and technology challenges encountered by their customers, all while inviting prospective talents to join a journey where innovation, collaboration, and excellence coalesce to reshape the financial data landscape.

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