Navigating 2023: 5 priorities for WealthTech innovations

WealthTech is an ever-evolving landscape, with wealth managers perpetually innovating to adapt to client needs. It’s absolutely vital for these financial gurus to stay ahead of trends and identify the crucial areas of focus to provide stellar service and maximise client outcomes. As we journey into 2023, WealthArc has highlighted the top five priorities for wealth managers.

Wealth managers must place a high emphasis on reporting to boost transparency and communication. Robust reporting plays an instrumental role in WealthTech, offering clients deep insights into their investment performance and progress.

To satisfy the growing demand for transparency, wealth managers must ensure reporting is accurate, timely, and easy to access, WealthArc said. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and data analytics, wealth managers can create comprehensive reports. By offering detailed and transparent reporting, they can cultivate trust, solidify client relationships, and effectively handle any questions or concerns.

Portfolio construction should be tailored to cater to individual needs. Wealth managers need to underscore personalised investment strategies that correspond with clients’ financial goals. By employing a mix of asset classes, diversifying risk, and staying abreast of market trends, they can enhance portfolio performance. Additionally, incorporating sustainable and socially responsible investing approaches can significantly elevate client satisfaction, as more investors wish to align their investments with their personal values.

The third priority outlined by WealthArc was that efficiency is key in today’s digital era, and wealth managers need to leverage robust portfolio management systems. These systems simplify investment processes, enhance operational efficiency, and provide real-time portfolio data access. Wealth managers can leverage technology to automate tasks like trade execution, rebalancing, and performance monitoring. Portfolio management systems can aid wealth managers in making data-driven decisions, fortifying risk management, and efficiently allocating assets.

The challenging domain of asset management requires a harmonious blend of active and passive strategies. To optimally serve their clients, wealth managers should consider a balanced approach, harnessing the strengths of each strategy to yield optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Finally, it stated that investment management is a core aspect of wealth management. Wealth managers need to align their strategies with clients’ long-term goals. They should strive to comprehend their clients’ aspirations, risk tolerance, and timeframes, enabling them to craft tailored investment plans. Regular reviews and adjustments in response to market fluctuations are paramount. They should also educate clients on the significance of long-term investing, highlighting the benefits of staying committed to their financial goals, despite short-term market volatilities.

Wealth managers operate in a complex, regulated environment, making compliance a fundamental aspect of their role. The focus of regulations is to establish fair and transparent practices, prevent fraud, and protect investors. Staying compliant protects the interests of clients and adds an extra layer of protection, reinforcing investor trust.

As WealthTech evolves, wealth managers must stay up-to-date with industry trends and focus on key areas. Emphasising reporting, portfolio construction, portfolio management systems, asset management, and investment management will empower wealth managers to offer comprehensive, transparent, and customised solutions. Through innovation, technology use, and strategy alignment with individual needs, wealth managers can smoothly navigate the complexities of asset wealth management, ensuring their clients’ wealth growth and preservation for the future.

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